The Elven Seer – Divinity: Original Sin II Guide

The Elven Seer – Divinity: Original Sin II Guide

The Elven Seer is one of the many Quests found in Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – 100% Walkthrough Part 30: Puzzle (CO-OP Tactician)

Chapter IV – Reaper’s Coast
Map of quests and quest givers
Powerful Awakening
They Shall Not Pass
Lost And Found
Hide And Seek
Red Ink In The Ledger
Aggressive Takeover
Business Rivals
A Trial For All Seasons
The Elven Seer
The Wrecked Caravan
The Missing Magisters
On The Ropes
Eithne The Trader
A Generous Offer
The Midnight Oil
The Reluctant Servants
Shadow Over Driftwood
A Taste Of Freedom
Love Has A Price
Heroes Of The Rest
Burying The Past
Counting Your Chicken
The Three Altars
The Law Of The Order
All In The Family
A Hunter Of Wicked Things
The Bark’s Bite
The Ugly Little Bird
The Forgotten And The Damned
The Silent One
Bound By Pain
Delusions of Grandeur
Strange Cargo
A Web of Desire
Opposites Attack
An Existential Crisis
A Men And His Dog
The Dirftwood Arena
Finder’s Fee
Treated Like Cattle
Window Of Oportunity
No Way Out
A Rare Prey
Doctor’s Orders
The Tribe Of Saheila
Burial Rites
Wishful Thinking
The Burning Prophet
A Danger To Herself And Others
Grebb The Scholar
Drowning Her Sorrows
The Snoozing Adventurer
Stranger In A Strande Land
An Eye For An Eye
The Advocate
No Laughing Matters
The Stoic Spirit
Bitter Tonic
Old Flames

The player is again taken to a fantasy world known as Rivellon, though the story is set about a thousand years after the events depicted in Divinity: Original Sin (right after Beyond Divinity). However, this time the player assumes the role of a character that uses the power of the Source – in contrast to that, the predecessing game placed the player in control of two hunters that were after the adepts of this forbidden magic. The conflict between the two groups continues on, and the player-controlled character is on the run from the representatives of the Order trying to track them down. Simultaneously, the protagonist struggles to put an end to the crisis caused by the invasion of monsters from the Void (this resulted from the death of the Divine). This entire layout also brings an atmosphere that is different to that offered by the first Original Sin, as it is visibly heavier and more serious here.

This time around, the player begins with creating one, central character that represents one of several available races. Another important novelty in the character creation process is constituted by assigning a biographic background to one’s avatar. Depending on the protagonist’s background (also, they can be male or female), the inhabitants of the game world react to their presence in various ways and can even give them different quests. As a result, the role-playing layer of the game is more profound than in the predecessing game, and problems placed in front of the protagonist can be solved in more ways.

Divinity: Original Sin II for PC, PS4 and XONE extends the mechanics developed in the previous installments. The largest changes were introduced into the combat system, as an ability to climb platforms or towers was added, and the influence of heights on characters’ fighting abilities was taken into account. Action points are calculated here in a slightly simplified way, and performing most actions costs 1-3 points. Furthermore, the creators included new skills and element combinations – making a good use of these can tip the balance in favour of the player’s victory in combat. The powers of the Source constitute another novelty; although the player is required to refill the special Source points in order to use those powers, they gain access to exceptionally powerful and dangerous abilities in so doing.

As previously, the adventure can be experienced in the co-op mode, this time for up to 4 players. Interestingly however, cooperation can easily turn into rivalry, as because of different backgrounds, characters can have contradictory goals to be achieved in the same situations.

Apart from that, Larian Studios included a separate, PvP mode, which places groups of four players against one another on arenas designed with creativity. The participants take on the roles of pre-defined characters and compete against one another in different variations of such classic modes as Free-for-All, Capture the Flag or King of the Hill.

Divinity: Original Sin II for PC, PS4 and XONE utilizes an enhanced version of the engine used in production of Divinity: Original Sin, that is, the Divinity Engine 3.0. This technology provides significantly better graphics than in the previous Divinity game, apart from more advanced physics and support for DirectX 12.

Title: Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Strategy
Developer: Larian Studios
Publisher: Larian Studios
Release Date: 31 Aug, 2018

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DIVINITY ORIGINAL SIN 2 – 4 Totems of Seasons Puzzle (Прохождение квеста «Испытания всех сезонов»)

(2017) Divinity Original Sin 2 Trials of all Seasons Quest Walkthrough

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Divinity Original Sin 2 – Honour Walkthrough: A Rare Prey and The Elven Seer – Part 56

★ Divinity Original Sin 2 – Honour Walkthrough Series ★
✎ Time stamps & more informations below !
✎ Lengthy questlines put into one video, use timestamps. For a Rare Prey, normally you would need to kill the false Baran Levere to get the contract and point to Roost, having Ifan in Party will make this quest proceed to next stage without fighting. Although it’s still recommended to kill them anyway for exp and loots.

♦ The elf camp is just in front of the Livewood Sawmill. Talk to them and you will be given the Elven Seer quest. Go in there, either use Persuasion check to get in peacefully or have Ifan in party. Clear minor quests around the Sawmill while you’re at it, it will be shown in Part 58.

♦ Watch Part 58: &list=PLrDx_gq2DCNJTk3knEr8GcEJcxu8jnqaK &index=60

♦ Get upstair and kill Roost, which will be shown in Part 57 along with battle strategies and party stats there:

♦ Full Battle of Roost: &list=PLrDx_gq2DCNJTk3knEr8GcEJcxu8jnqaK &index=59

♦ You can teleport out right after you got Saheila to get an achievement about escorting Saheila without fighting any Lone Wolves outside. Return to the elves , do some talkings and the quest is finished, if you have Sebille, you will also have some special extra dialogues.

✎ Timestamps:
03:36 – Baran Levere Battle / A Rare Prey Quest
08:18 – Burial Rites / Quest
13:48 – The Elven Seer / Quest
21:27 – Meet Roost Anlon / Quest
33:45 – Saheila Saved / The Elven Seer Quest

♦ Full Honour Walkthrough: &list=PLrDx_gq2DCNJTk3knEr8GcEJcxu8jnqaK

♦ Origins Builds: &list=PLrDx_gq2DCNLXy1WqavvcwQ9ZasYZ8cD8

♦ Lone Wolf Builds: &list=PLrDx_gq2DCNJazRwRs4BaJDdWyPv_qbCK

Pre-Order Bonuses – Street Fighter 5 Guide

Pre-Order Bonuses – Street Fighter 5 Guide

Pre-ordering Street Fighter V at GameStop locations will grant individuals beta access to the video game. GameStop locations will print download instructions

Oro Combos! Street Fighter 5 Essential Combo Guide

Oro combo tutorial for the Street Fighter V spring update. This guide goes over his best combos with inputs and easy to follow demonstration. Some beginner and advanced but I mostly aim for damage and practicality. This includes confirms and V-Trigger. Oro is the next new character DLC released for SFV.

LP = Light Punch
MP = Medium Punch
HP = Hard Punch
LK = Light Kick
MK = Medium Kick
HK = Hard Kick

P = Any Punch
K = Any Kick
PP/KK = EX Version

S. = Standing
C. = Crouching
F = Forward
B = Back
CC = Crush Counter
CA = Critical Art
(C) = Charge

QCF = Quarter Circle Forward / Down, Down-Forward, Forward
QCB = Quarter Circle Back / Down,Down-Back, Back
HCB = Half Circle Back / Forward To Down To Back
HCF = Half Circle Forward / Back To Down To Back
DP = Dragon Punch Motion = Forward, Down, Down-Forward
V = V-Trigger Cancel
VS = V-Skill
xx = Cancel
/ = Means “Or”
+ = Same time
~ = Quickly

HIT CONFIRMS, c.lp xx d-u hp, c.lp xx hcb hp
s.lp, s.lp xx hcb hp xx qcf hk, xx qcf hk, d-u hp, xx hcb hp (spaced), xx hcb hp, s.lp xx hcb hp

s.hp (charged), c.hp xx d-u hp
s.hp (charged, far), xx d-u hp
s.hp (charged), xx b-f hp, c.lp xx d-u hp, xx qcb kk, d-u hp, xx qcb kk, xx qcb hk xx qcf hk, xx qcf hk, CA

c.hp xx qcb kk, xx qcb lk, d-u hp (corner)
s.hp xx b-f pp, c.lp (or xx d-u hp (corner)
s.hp (charged), c.hp xx b-f pp,, d-u hp (corner)

s.hp (charged), c.hp xx b-f pp, xx qcb kk, xx qcb lk, d-u hp (corner)

s.hp (charged), c.hp xx b-f pp, xx qcb kk,, b-f lp, d-u pp (corner)

CRUSH COUNTERS CC (close), xx qcf hk, xx qcf hk, d-u hp CC, s.hp xx hcb hp CC (far), dash xx hcb hp CC, dash xx qcb mk

c.hp CC (close), s.hp xx hcb hp

(post stun), VS1,, s.hp (charged), c.hp xx d-u hp

VS+P, c.lp xx dp hp xx VS+P or VS+K
c.hp CC xx VS, xx qcf hk, xx qcf hk, d-u hp

(also works from aa fireball), xx qcb hk (1 hit), jump cancel,, xx qcf hk, d-u hp (2 hits), jump cancel,, d-u hp

AIR TO AIR, xx qcf hk, d-u hp

JUMP-IN, c.lp, c.lp xx d-u hp, c.hp xx hcb hp
j.hp (2 hits), xx qcf hk, xx qcf hk, d-u hp
j.hp (2 hits), c.hp xx b-f hp, c.lp xx d-u hp (corner), c.hp xx qcb kk, xx qcb hk
j.hp (2 hits), xx qcf hk, xx qcf hk, d-u pp, c.hp xx qcb hk xx CA

[any light] xx VT, c.lp xx HP+HK
[any medium or heavy] xx VT, c.hp xx d-u hp xx HP+HK
[any medium or heavy] xx VT, walk xx qcf hk, xx qcf hk, d-u hp xx HP+HK

[any starter] xx HP+HK
[any starter, air] xx d-u hp xx HP+HK
qcf k (air) xx HP+HK

[any light starter] xx VT,,,, […] , xx qcf hk, xx qcf hk, d-u p
[any medium or heavy starter] xx VT,,,, […] , xx qcf hk, xx qcf hk, d-u p
[any starter] xx d+VT, xx VS2+P, xx qcb mk, dash s.hp xx qcb mk,, xx qcf hk, xx qcf hk, CA

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Big damage combos for Cammy using VT1, VT2, VS1 and VS2 in street fighter 5 sfv season 5.5 spring update.
I make and stream fighting game content, combos, guides and gameplay for sfv, guilty gear strive and other fighting games.

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SFV – Arcade Edition Buyer’s Guide! FAQ, Deals & Fight Money Roadmap For Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is coming out very soon with many questions and needed clarification. This is a buyer’s guide for anyone looking for the best deal and sales in season 3. There is also a pre-order costume bonus for both PS4 and PC users. I also provide a roadmap on ways you can earn fight money before the big change on January 16th.

0 FM – 1M FM Journey

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Snowman’s Big Head – Super Mario 64 Guide

Snowman’s Big Head – Super Mario 64 Guide

Super Mario 64 at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

Super Mario 64 Fun Facts, Easter Eggs, Cut Content, Interesting Observations [Snowman’s Land]

Super Mario 64 is a game full of amazing glitches, secrets, and things that we’ve all spent time wondering around. Here are the 10 “coolest” (pun intended) secrets/ Easter Eggs/ facts in Super Mario 64, Snowman’s Land edition! Super Mario 64 is a classic, with historic, well-known, and lesser known glitches/ secrets/ Easter Eggs. Today we take a look at the top 10 most interesting facts/ secrets/ Easter Eggs in the level Snowman’s Land in Super Mario 64! Let me know in a comment which level you’d like to see me cover in a future video 🙂


#SuperMario64 #Mario64 #SuperMario



0:00 – Ledge Grab Penguin

0:54 – Sleeping and shivering in cold levels

1:37 – Secret coin

2:13 – The fastest star in Super Mario 64 history

2:39 – Smashing through ice

3:10 – Igloo clip

3:49 – Spindrift bounce

4:38 – Slope climbing

5:29 – Moneybag duplication

6:28 – Sinking Boss (Chill Bully)

7:40 – Bonus Fact


0:54 – Sleeping and shivering: One example where Mario doesn’t turn his head back and forth includes when his health is low and he’s panting. A “big drop” in this specific case means that the floor 60 units behind Mario can’t be more than 24 units lower (or higher) than his current height. More info on sleeping in Super Mario 64: Pannenkoek’s video about sleeping explains the four conditions required for sleep (and if they’re required to STAY asleep) in-depth with many examples!

1:34 – Secret coin: page on Snowman’s Land: category for “All Coins” –

2:13 – In the Deep Freeze: Super Mario 64 Current Records for Individual Stars: Ukikipedia strategies for In the Deep Freeze (beginner to expert):

3:10 – Igloo clip is used in some TAS stars, like the Into the Igloo star:

4:38 – Whirl from the Freezing Pond RTA Guide on Ukikipedia:

5:29 – Moneybag Duplication – TAS demonstration and further explanation of moneybag duplication by Pannenkoek, who said the theory for this trick comes from Tyler Kehne, who decompiled the moneybag’s code: Tyler’s channel:

7:40 – Mariowiki page for Chill Bully:

RTA Guide for Snowman’s Land on Ukikipedia:

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Saving the Princess’ PINK GOLD STARS! – Super Mario 64 (Odyssey Movement V6+ Shining Stars Guide)

This video will give a quick tutorial on how to achieve all the Normal Difficulty Shining Stars (Pink Gold Stars) in V6 of OMM! Let me know down below in the comments if you have any questions, and how the first part of your Shining Star adventure goes!

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0:00 – Intro
1:25 – Basic Movement Training
2:34 – Top of Castle
2:46 – Castle Foyer
3:32 – Castle Basement
3:46 – Castle Upstairs
4:33 – Castle Courtyard
5:12 – Bob-omb Battlefield
5:51 – Whomp’s Fortress
6:23 – Cool Cool Mountain
6:40 – Jolly Roger Bay
7:29 – Big Boo’s Haunt
8:12 – Bowser in The Dark World
9:02 – Shifting Sand Land
9:20 – Lethal Lava Land
10:16 – Hazy Maze Cave
10:38 – Dire Dire Docks
10:51 – Bowser in The Fire Sea
12:00 – Wet Dry World
12:16 – Snowman’s Land
12:46 – Tall Tall Mountain
13:11 – Tiny Huge Island
13:51 – Tick Tock Clock
14:45 – Rainbow Ride
15:14 – Bowser in The Sky
16:20 – Peach’s Secret Slide
16:50 – Secret Aquarium
17:27 – Tower of The Wing Cap
17:54 – Metal Cap Cavern
18:19 – Vanish Cap Drain
18:58 – Over the Rainbows
19:50 – Grand Crystal Star
21:05 – Outro

Snowman’s Big Head – RTA Strats (easy and fast, no slide wk)

Green Lantern Animated Movie Gets 4K Blu-Ray Release Date

Green Lantern Animated Movie Gets 4K Blu-Ray Release Date

Green Lantern: Beware My Power, the new animated Green Lantern movie from DC, is heading to 4K Blu-Ray soon.

Green Lantern: Beware My Power – Exclusive Official Trailer (2022)

In Green Lantern: Beware My Power, recently discharged Marine sniper John Stewart is at a crossroads in his life, one which is only complicated by receiving an extraterrestrial ring which grants him the powers of the Green Lantern of Earth. Unfortunately, the ring doesn’t come with instructions – but it does come with baggage, like a horde of interplanetary killers bent on eliminating every Green Lantern in the universe. Now, with the aid of the light-hearted Green Arrow, Adam Strange and Hawkgirl, this reluctant soldier must journey into the heart of a galactic Rann/Thanagar war and somehow succeed where all other Green Lanterns have failed. The film’s Supervising Producer is Butch Lukic.

Green Lantern: Beware My Power is available on 4K, Blu-ray & Digital starting July 26, 2022.


Hal Jordan vs Sinestro part 1/3 (Green Lantern: First Flight)

Green Lantern: Beware My Power | Trailer | Warner Bros. Entertainment

In Green Lantern: Beware My Power, recently discharged Marine sniper John Stewart is at a crossroads in his life, one which is only complicated by receiving an extraterrestrial ring which grants him the powers of the Green Lantern of Earth. Unfortunately, the ring doesn’t come with instructions – but it does come with baggage, like a horde of interplanetary killers bent on eliminating every Green Lantern in the universe. Now, with the aid of the light-hearted Green Arrow, Adam Strange and Hawkgirl, this reluctant soldier must journey into the heart of a galactic Rann/Thanagar war and somehow succeed where all other Green Lanterns have failed.

Available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital on 7/26/22.

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Green Lantern: Beware My Power | Trailer | Warner Bros. Entertainment

Warner Bros. Entertainment

Walkthrough – Planescape: Torment Guide

Walkthrough – Planescape: Torment Guide

Planescape: Torment dates back to an early time for youtube Guides services, and a full-scale Wiki for this game has not yet been created. However, for those about

Planescape: Torment Retrospective | A History of Isometric CRPGs (Episode 4)

Planescape: Torment is Episode 4 in my series on the history of isometric CRPGs. This is based on the Enhanced Edition released by Beamdog in 2017. If you would like to know more about my series on isometric CRPGs then please check out this video:

Twitter: @cdavis_games

Fallout 1 Retrospective (Episode 1):
Fallout 2 Retrospective (Episode 2):
Baldur’s Gate 1 Retrospective (Episode 3):
Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear (Episode 3.5):

#PlanescapeTorment #BeamDog

Что такое Planescape: Torment?

В этом видео по игре Planescape: Torment я хочу рассказать, каково это играть за бессмертного главного героя и как это связано с регулярным обновлением дневника.

Группа в ВК:

Отдать свои деньги безымянному герою:

Обзор игры Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition. Каково впервые играть в классику сейчас?

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Xbox 360 Review

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Xbox 360 Review

The lineage of the Marvel action RPG is beginning to look a bit like the New Testament. X-Men Legends begat X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse. X-Men Legends II begat Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. And now, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance begets Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. So it is written, so it is done.

MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 2 for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


Рассказ об забытой marvel ultimate alliance, и ее доминировании над новеньким avengers. Мстители не всегда были популярны как сейчас. Но была одна игра, которая еще тогда с уважение относилась к супергероям и марвел вселенной.

Привет. Меня зовут Глеб.
Это мой канал про видеоигры и все, что с ними связано. На нем я пытаюсь вникнуть и поделиться свои мнением. Возможно необычным. Спасибо за просмотр!)

#жырсон #marvelultimatealliance #spiderman #marvel

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Review

A colorful cast of comic characters enlivens this fun and technically uneven sequel. Read the full review:

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Cigarette Card Locations and Card Sets – Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

Cigarette Card Locations and Card Sets – Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

The Cigarette Card Sets are a kind of collectible found in Premium Cigarette Packs. These packs can be found throughout the world and purchased at General

Red Dead Redemption 2 Marvels of Travel Cigarette Card Set All Cards Locations

Video shows Red Dead Redemption 2 Marvels of Travel Cigarette Card Set All Cards and their locations. To find all Cigarette Cards from Marvels of Travel Cigarette Card Set you need to cross a whole game map. There’re more Red Dead Redemption 2 Cigarette Card Sets video being later.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cigarette Card Sets Guide Playlist:


00:39 – Elephant Carriage Cigarette Card Marvels of Travel Set #04
01:33 – Stagecoach Cigarette Card Marvels of Travel Card #10
02:16 – Steam Locomotive Cigarette Card Marvels of Travel Card #11
03:06 – U.S. Frigate Cigarette Card Marvels of Travel Card #07
03:53 – Camel Caravan Cigarette Card Marvels of Travel Card #03
04:50 – Velocipede Cigarette Card Marvels of Travel Card #12
05:35 – Hot Air Ballon Cigarette Card Marvels of Travel Card #06
06:30 – Balener Whaling Vessel Cigarette Card Marvels of Travel Card #09
07:29 – The Showboat Cigarette Card Marvels of Travel Card #08
08:21 – Schooner Cigarette Card Marvels of Travel Card #02
09:19 – Packet Ship Cigarette Card Marvels of Travel Card #01
10:12 – Goat Carriage Cigarette Card Marvels of Travel Card #05
06:28 – Reward

Red Dead Redemption 2 – All Cigarette Cards (Quick Method & All Locations)

Red Dead Redemption 2 – “Smoking and Other Hobbies” Stranger Mission – Collectibles guide showing the fastest method to collect all 144 Cigarette Cards, or alternatively, where to find them on the map.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Side Missions Playlist:


0:00 – “Smoking and Other Hobbies” Stranger Mission (Phineas T. Ramsbottom)
2:23 – Fast Method Tutorial (Buy all Cigarette Cards)

3:33 – Card #1
4:26 – Card #2
5:25 – Card #3
6:11 – Card #4
6:55 – Card #5
7:49 – Card #6
8:30 – Card #7
9:15 – Card #8
9:57 – Card #9
10:46 – Card #10
11:34 – Card #11
12:21 – Card #12

13:07 – Card #1
14:03 – Card #2
14:54 – Card #3
15:50 – Card #4
16:35 – Card #5
17:40 – Card #6
18:28 – Card #7
19:21 – Card #8
20:10 – Card #9
20:55 – Card #10
21:36 – Card #11
22:25 – Card #12

23:07 – Card #1
24:08 – Card #2
24:51 – Card #3
26:01 – Card #4
26:50 – Card #5
27:55 – Card #6
28:47 – Card #7
29:45 – Card #8
30:29 – Card #9
31:15 – Card #10
32:19 – Card #11
33:06 – Card #12

33:54 – Card #1
34:54 – Card #2
35:44 – Card #3
36:28 – Card #4
37:21 – Card #5
38:09 – Card #6
38:53 – Card #7
39:51 – Card #8
40:37 – Card #9
41:19 – Card #10
42:01 – Card #11
42:58 – Card #12

43:41 – Card #1
44:40 – Card #2
45:24 – Card #3
46:20 – Card #4
47:07 – Card #5
47:49 – Card #6
48:35 – Card #7
49:43 – Card #8
50:32 – Card #9
51:20 – Card #10
52:03 – Card #11
52:51 – Card #12

53:40 – Card #1
54:47 – Card #2
55:36 – Card #3
56:27 – Card #4
57:36 – Card #5
58:30 – Card #6
59:46 – Card #7
1:00:30 – Card #8
1:01:12 – Card #9
1:02:08 – Card #10
1:02:50 – Card #11
1:03:32 – Card #12

1:04:15 – Card #1
1:05:07 – Card #2
1:05:55 – Card #3
1:06:49 – Card #4
1:07:51 – Card #5
1:08:36 – Card #6
1:09:28 – Card #7
1:10:14 – Card #8
1:11:00 – Card #9
1:11:48 – Card #10
1:12:37 – Card #11
1:13:27 – Card #12

1:14:26 – Card #1
1:15:19 – Card #2
1:16:16 – Card #3
1:16:59 – Card #4
1:17:44 – Card #5
1:18:34 – Card #6
1:19:28 – Card #7
1:20:31 – Card #8
1:21:16 – Card #9
1:22:15 – Card #10
1:23:01 – Card #11
1:23:48 – Card #12

1:24:40 – Card #1
1:25:31 – Card #2
1:26:18 – Card #3
1:27:12 – Card #4
1:28:03 – Card #5
1:28:49 – Card #6
1:29:42 – Card #7
1:30:34 – Card #8
1:31:25 – Card #9
1:32:29 – Card #10
1:33:33 – Card #11
1:34:19 – Card #12

1:35:13 – Card #1
1:36:19 – Card #2
1:37:12 – Card #3
1:38:12 – Card #4
1:39:04 – Card #5
1:39:53 – Card #6
1:40:36 – Card #7
1:41:30 – Card #8
1:42:13 – Card #9
1:43:01 – Card #10
1:43:55 – Card #11
1:44:41 – Card #12

1:45:27 – Card #1
1:46:25 – Card #2
1:47:27 – Card #3
1:48:21 – Card #4
1:49:14 – Card #5
1:50:06 – Card #6
1:50:53 – Card #7
1:51:39 – Card #8
1:52:24 – Card #9
1:53:15 – Card #10
1:54:09 – Card #11
1:54:54 – Card #12

1:54:41 – Card #1
1:56:28 – Card #2
1:57:16 – Card #3
1:58:06 – Card #4
1:58:50 – Card #5
1:59:33 – Card #6
2:00:17 – Card #7
2:01:06 – Card #8
2:01:50 – Card #9
2:02:39 – Card #10
2:03:28 – Card #11
2:04:20 – Card #12

2:05:12 – Rewards


Related Achievement \ Trophy:
● Collector’s Item – Complete one of the Collectable strands.


Video recorded on: PlayStation 4 Pro


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Red Dead Redemption 2 All Cigarette Card Locations & Showcase (Easy & Fast Method – Buy them All)

Guide for all Red Dead Redemption 2 Cigarette Card Locations. There are 144 Cigarette Cards in RDR2, consisting of 12 sets with 12 cards each. Getting one complete set is needed for 100% Completion.

To get them all you must first start the quest “Smoking and other Hobbies” from a stranger at Flatneck station. It becomes available after Chapter 2 story mission “Who is Not Without Sin”. One card per set only becomes avaiable after accepting this quest.

Now comes the fun part.

*It will take roughly $2000 and between 10 minutes (fully upgraded satchel) – 60 minutes (basic satchel).

1. Go to any General Store (e.g. in Valentine).
2. Buy Premium Cigarette Packs (Provisions – Tobacco – Premium Cigarettes).
3. Hold Circle (PS4) / B (XB1) to close the store book.
4. Press D-Pad Right to open Satchel. Discard all Premium Cigarettes from your inventory.
5. Buy new Premium Cigarettes, Discard Them, Repeat.

Do this until you got all 144. You can view how many you have in the Compendium. Each Premium Cigarette Pack gives you one RANDOM card but you can just keep buying them until you got all. After the story you get $20,000 so this will be more than enough to buy the cards.

Mail them to the quest giver at the post office once you got all cards.

The best part: The rewards you get from the quest giver can make you more money than the cards cost + you can sell duplcates at any fence vendor! And you don’t have to spend 15 hours running around for these collectibles.


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Soul Transposition – Dark Souls 3 Guide

Soul Transposition – Dark Souls 3 Guide

The act of Soul Transposition involves taking one of the special souls of a Boss to Ludleth of Courland. He can then transform it into a very powerful weapon

Dark Souls 3, The True Sequel to DS1 – All Achievements

My mega guide for how to get all achievement in Dark Souls 3 in only three(3) playthroughs. Enjoy!
Timestamps below!!

This was a massive undertaking. Please feel free to share this guide with friends who want that series completion or just want to see that number go up by 1,000.

0:00 Preface
0:10 Cemetery of Ash
3:13 High Wall of Lothric
6:23 Undead Settlement
15:59 Road of Sacrifices
20:46 Cathedral of the Deep
27:12 Farron Keep
33:52 Catacombs of Carthus
38:21 Smouldering Lake
43:21 Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
49:58 Anor Londo
53:57 Irithyll Dungeon/Profaned Capitol
1:00:50 Consumed King’s Garden/Untended Graves
1:07:22 Lothric Castle/Grand Archives
1:15:24 Archdragon Peak
1:22:45 Cleaning Up/Final Boss
1:36:54 Second Playthrough
1:40:59 Final Playthrough

SL1 Raw VS Fire and Deep Infusion – Dark Souls 3

Testing the damage a raw broadsword with resins and bundles does versus a fire and deep infused broadsword, on a Soul Level 1 character, in Dark Souls 3.
Check out my SL1 Beginner’s Guide for Dark Souls 3
Main Game:
The DLC’s:

How to be OP and SL1 Dark Souls 3 (Main boss & DLC)

A detailed guide on beating Dark Souls 3 and its DLC Soul Level 1.
By using a combination of stat boosting gear with the right weapon, you can minimize the chance of getting one-shotted while maintaining a decent amount of DPS.
All the routes are designed to be least resistant while benefiting the player with just the right gear for the hardships to come.
Details can be found below.

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Music Used
Powerwolf-Blessed And Possessed
Instrumental Core – Dance at the Moonlight

SL1 Builds
Dragonslayer’s Axe

SL1 Cheeses
Gravetender :
Ocerios :
Spear of the Church :

M16A3 – Battlefield 3 Guide

M16A3 – Battlefield 3 Guide

The M16 is the main Assault Rifle in service with US forces since the Vietnam War. The A3 variant has the ability to fire in Automatic or Semi-Automatic modes.

Battlefield 3 Weapons Guide: M16A3 M16A4

Images are retrieved from Wikipedia Commons which are free to use

Finer details are retrieved from

Hey Ma, look at my tacticool AR!

Battlefield 3 weapon guides [M16A3] By Venix




Music for the outrow by FantomenK:

Гайд: M16A3 [Battlefield 3]

Гайд: M16A3 [Battlefield 3]
Игровой канал. Happy.
★ Второй канал:
✔ Всем привет дорогие друзья с вами Happy✔ Присаживайтесь поудобнее. Представляю вашему вниманию гайд на штурмовую винтовку M16A3. Приятного просмотра!!!

Remember Me

Remember Me

Everything you need to know about Remember Me.

Benjamin Bratt – Remember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz) (From “Coco”)

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Coco Sheet Music:
“Remember Me”
“Much Needed Advice”
“Everyone Knows Juanita”
“Un Poco Loco”
“The World Es Mi Familia”
“La Llorona”
“Proud Corazón”

#Coco #DisneyPixar

Music video by Benjamin Bratt performing Remember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz). © 2017 Walt Disney Records / Pixar

Morten Harket – “Do You Remember Me?”

The next single from Morten’s album “Brother”.

Director: Stian Andersen
Cinematography: Erik Treimann & Stian Andersen
Edit: Erik Treimann
Colorist: Raymond Gangstad
Filmed in: Hamburg, Oslo. Stavern, Kristiansand, London and Paris

Initial D – Remember Me

Anime – Initial D

Song – Remember Me

Artist – Super Eurobeat – Leslie Parrish

All rights and credits go to their respective owners.